Kojima Productions Report #24

Kojima Productions Report vuelve con un programa especial para celebrar el lanzamiento de MGS Portable Ops.

En el número 24 del podcast, Ryan Payton, además de felicitarse por las buenas notas de Portable Ops, habla con Aki Saito de temas como MGSPO, Nintendo Wii, los problemas de mareo que suelen tener los japoneses, y el tema principal de MGSPO.

Click en la imagen para escucharlo, o [botón derecho -> “guardar enlace como”] para descargarlo:


I’m writing this on the eve of the North American launch of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops for PSP. The first review is up on IGN.com, and it’s extremely positive! I’m glad the reviewer enjoyed the new approach we’ve taken with MGS.

As development on MPO and MGS4 became increasingly more busy, Ken and I decided to take a break from The Kojima Productions Report. But to commemorate the launch of MPO, myself and Aki Saito have prepared a special edition of The Report for your listening pleasure.

I today’s show, we tackle MPO-related topics (of course), chat about the Nintendo Wii launch, and ponder life’s eternal question — Why are Japanese so prone to motion sickness? We wrap up the end of the session with a sneak peak (or listen?) of the main tune from MPO — “Calling to the Night.”

Thanks for tuning into today’s show. Hope you enjoy the program.

Ryan Payton


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