Hideo Kojima entrevistado por Famitsu – TGS 2006

Aprovechando el TGS 2006, la revista japonesa Famitsu entrevistó a Hideo Kojima. Publicada en el último numero de la revista, ha sido traducida por los chicos de GAF.


  • Le hubiese gustado mostrar una versión jugable de MGS4 en el TGS06.
  • MGS Portable Ops saldrá a final de año, pero aun no saben la fecha exacta.
  • En 2007 se celebrará el vigésimo aniversario de Metal Gear, y Kojima quería celebrarlo acabando la saga en MGS4 (que se lanzará ese mismo año), pero ha cambiado de idea.
  • Le gustaría disponer de más tiempo para poder desarrollar otros proyectos.
  • En Diciembre abrirá un portal dedicado a Metal Gear, con el objetivo de involucrar a los fans en el proceso creativo de los próximos juegos. Por ahora solo está disponible una preview del portal japonés:  “Metal Gear My Page (promotion site)
  • La entrevista abarca otros temas como Boktai, Kabutore, TGS, y las consolas de nueva generación. No es muy interesante, pero si quereis leerla entera podeis hacerlo despues del salto.


La entrevista (en negrita las respuestas de Kojima):

Famitsu: First off, let’s talk about Metal Gear Solid 4. Is the current Tokyo Game Show MGS4 trailer of actual game-play on the PS3?

Kojima: Until now the trailers were made up of demo scenes in the game, but this time we edited together scenes of real game-play. In actuality, I would rather have had a playable version up, but there were some parts we were still hesitant about so instead we showed MGS4 in the form of game-play scenes.

Famitsu: There were some big changes we saw this time around, like the optical-camouflage and barrels.

Kojima: Until now we were using cardboard boxes, but then I kind of thought about how it would really be like to put a cardboard box over your heard in a battlefield.

Famitsu: Just watching it’s obvious, but game play style has also changed. Well then, you also have Metal Gear Portable Ops coming out quite soon, too, am I right?

Kojima: Yes, we’re thinking of releasing it sometime in December. Regarding its production, we’re nearly done, but this year-end season we’ll be having a game seemingly released every week so we’re still kind of lost on a final release date for Portable Ops.

Famitsu: Certainly. You have Boktai and Kabutore coming out along with MGS: Digital Graphic Novel which was recently released, so maybe it would be a bit early for another sequel.

Kojima: This time we made MGS: Digital Graphic Novel’s story based on the MGS storyline, but for those players who started with MGS3 and want to know more about MGS2’s storyline we’re also thinking about them too. Next year will be Metal Gear’s 20th anniversary and personally I was thinking of ending the series with MGS4 but stopped myself.

Famitsu: Next I’d like to touch upon Kabutore [stock trading game for DS]. This game is really breaking the boundaries for you, isn’t it?

Kojima: Yes, it is. I really want to surprise people with this game. I want to deliver a new feeling to the player, so I’m pushing myself hard in order to [do that]. That said, I also have MGS4 to work on and only wish I could save myself more time and energy to work on other projects.

Famitsu: With games like Boktai and Kabutore it really seems like you’re trying to stay on the cutting edge.

Kojima: Really it’s just because I like to make games like these.

Famitsu: I see. Well then, on to my next question. Do you have any plans to make a Metal Gear portal site?

Kojima: We’re tentatively set to start the site in December. The age where game making is a one-sided affair is ending. With the portal we’ll be collecting people’s written stories and ideas so that everyone together will be a part of creating the Metal Gear series.

Famitsu: You sure are thinking of many different ideas. On to my next question – let me ask you about this year’s game show. Was there a booth this year that caught your eye in particular?

Kojima: I haven’t really looked that carefully but I do want to see some of the PS3 titles. That being said, there sure were a lot of people this year. There were even many non-Japanese attending the show. I thought to myself for a second, ‘Is this E3?’ Since it’s our one festival of the year I want it to keep with the same momentum of this year’s and continue growing further.

Famitsu: I would also like to ask you about the next generation of video game hardware. What do you think of it all?

Kojima: They all have their certain charms, and I would like them all to succeed. Not only the next generation systems but portable gaming and cell phone games are also reaching new heights. With time I’d like to try doing more new things and really challenge myself. I’m hearing much about each new game system. Each company has entrusted their futures with their respective new hardware, so we’re carefully looking at each one and seeing what kind of expressions we can create with them. At this point in time I’m not thinking about which system will likely succeed. Like I said, I want all of them to succeed.

Famitsu: Are you saying there’s a chance that you’ll be making games for each new game system?

Kojima: Of course. As for now, though, MGS4 is a big enough project and it’s at the center of my attention.

(traducción realizada por el equipo de GAF)


3 Responses to “Hideo Kojima entrevistado por Famitsu – TGS 2006”

  1. 1 JakCore octubre 15, 2006 en 8:32 pm

    Entonces MGS4 no sera el ultimo de la saga ??? Este hombre ya no sabe cuando ponerle fin, aunque por mi que saque todos los que quiera.

  2. 2 Big Boss octubre 15, 2006 en 8:37 pm

    Si la saga no acaba en MGS4 dejo de comprar cualquier cosa relacionada con Kojima.

    Otra cosa es que luego hagan spin-offs como los Acid, lo cual me parecería bien.

    Por cierto Jak, gracias por participar! 😉

  3. 3 SniperFoxXx octubre 15, 2006 en 9:02 pm

    En 2007 se celebrará el vigésimo aniversario de Metal Gear, y Kojima quería celebrarlo acabando la saga en MGS4 (que se lanzará ese mismo año), pero ha cambiado de idea.

    😐 no mamesssssss

    Entonces ke, no acaba? :o!!!


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